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Thursday, October 1, 2009

To Flea Market We Go!

Here is my friend and fellow artist Patty, she just made the most amazing card for me! It says and shows Love makes the world go round. Its sooooo coool.I love it and am gonna put it in my studio so I can see it everyday. Thank You Patty! We were in a lil fun group that were to make cards for each other. I stupidly thought it was a business card showing our personalities. Anyway mine was an old Squirt bottle top glued to a card (we all had the same size and paper card distributed)with glitter and my buisness name. It was so unimaginable and now I'm totally embarrassed and my partner must of thought like Charlie Brown "I got a rock" when she opened her envelope up.
Ok enough of that, NOW the good stuff. Oh wait isn't Patty so cute. I love this picture.
So she very nicely came over, picked me up and off we go to the best flea market around heya!

After a 45 min ride we get there and here is Mrs. Patty Alexander stretching out and gathering her big bag to hold all her possible goodies. Warm those shopping muscles up! If my friend Andrea were here she'd be in row 1 already and we'd be eatin her dust. Patty is a rookie giggle.

Ready set GO!

Our first view upon entering the market.
Hahaha Patty taking a pic of me taking a pic of her Soooooo Corney! But who cares, noone knows us around there.(Cept that gentleman with the cig and his lovely wife)

Just a random view of one of the rows of cheap rusty prim possibilities!

Patty and I perussing the goods. (perussing hmmm cant find spell check here, cant ya tell)

After walking in the heat, mud and sand for a bit the smell of fried onions and sausage, hotdogs and hamburgers just broke me down. I have to tell ya this was one of the best hot dogs I have eaten. Normally can't eat them unless I crave them and honey this was good eatin! I could eat one right now. Plus the fella in charge there was so funny so I felt like we got a meal and a show! The two lil girls helping him out were so sweet and polite as well. 5 stars!!!!!

finally after shopping and eating by noon most of the venders were packing up and so were we. Here are some of our goodies. Lots of wooden boxes,old photos, tins, earrings, matches (yes Patty got some unique ones from the 30's and 40's with divine graphics)and we each walked out with a plant.

This was Patty's first time there and she lost her mind! It was so much fun to watch! I remember going there the first time too and thinking never thought there was such a place. A place full of so much goregous junk and plants and food.

We definitely are heading back next week and may be Tee and Andrea will come too. Andrea is going to have to stay 3 steps behind us as she always finds the best stuff(her taste is DIVINE) before you even walk up to a table or stuff on the ground. I swear she has eyes like a hawk. A rusty old wood primitive hawk.


  1. You always find the bestest stuff, Carol! Looks like you Girlies had a kickin time doing the Big Flea. Would love to come & hang out with you sometime! Hugs, Starla

  2. You DO find the best finds, my friend! No wonder you go all the time... heck I should drive down just to hit the flea markets with you *giggle* I'd need an 18 passenger van to haul it home tho!


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