Nostalgic Folk Art was born in 2004. I came up with Nostalgic Folk Art name for my paper mache figures because I love the older things that remind me of my childhood and of innocent times. They are figures of folks both childish and impish and I love vintage folk art so putting nostalgic with folk art was/is a perfect and fitting name for my lil figures and business.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Got some pics from Kipp

The mountains in Ecuador,

Kipp enjoying the vendors, selling what looks like guinea pig and the piece he's eating is pig (not guinea) skin

Sunday, June 28, 2015

one more figure for the month

 or figures as this is a set,  i have A Strange Girl and her Cheshire Cat, or A Chain of Circumstances

anyway adding these to my Etsy shop and they are sold together

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just added Mama's Girl to my etsy shop

a new figure added to my Nostalgic Folk Art etsy shop. working on a little Alice in Wonderland set, and more little animals, should have them done within a week but this will be the last figure for the month.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Good bye Sweet Willie

your now over the rainbow bridge, say hello to Fifi, Gigi, Butch, and Rev for me. I know your in the most wonderful place, patiently waiting for your loved ones. There is a most wonderful Twighlight Zone episode, an old black and white one, where a man dies and sees his dog on a country road, along the way there is a young man by a gate with a wonderful background and he urges the old man to come his way, with all good things, however the man's dog doesnt like the man and after much urging, the man follows his dog thru the harder narrow path. turns out the nice young man was the devil. til the end the dog loved his owner and his owner trusted his dog beyond.   its one of my favorite episodes.   Dogs are so much more than our pets, the love we feel for them is so strong and it hurts so much when their too short lives end.

Safe travels dear Willie

Love to your family and prayers for your broken hearts.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Nostalgic Folk Art added to Etsy

Knowing that Kipp is doing much better, i've been able to work again and finish some of the things on my desk. 

Just added these two and have a little angel drying , to be added today or tomorrow

Morning Stroll and Old Friend

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cannot wait til he comes home!!!!!

Kipp is in Ecuador and so far away, he has gotten an infection in his stomach and lungs and sent me a picture today of his hospital visit


Thank God he has Eric as a dear friend to keep his spirits up! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

New Nostalgic Folk Art on Etsy

added 5 new figures this week to my etsy shop and hoping the weather changes as i have a few pieces that need sunshine!   Here are the newest pieces

a wall mount with 2 love birds in their happy home

 some ellys

 a little bunny
 and this one just sold

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! rain and sun where needed

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting ready for a street sale this saturday

and my house is a mess, but i'm so excited to release some things and hopefully make a little money as i need to replace some french doors from water damage sooooooooo fingers crossed my treasures and trash are some things needed by someone else.

old dishes,platers, pitchers,kitchen items

 how do i price these to make a small profit????

 vintage toys and books, some vintage home and architectual items
vintage hats and sewing items and tins

 good bye old salt and pepper shakers!
 vintage pottery
 signs, pictures and odds and ends
 a set of vintage office supplies great colors too.
geeze i hope i dont have to drag this stuff back in!!!!!

My First Written Review/Kinda like your first dollar, I treasure this dearly

"Carol Roll is a relative new-comer, creating folk art for four years, now. Her paper mache figures reflect significant talent. At first glance, her angels, people, mermaids, and animals may appear cute and dear. At closer look, they are sophisticated, with detailed, expressive faces, each unique. Roll's work is anything but mass produced. It's the real deal. "

Linda Knopf Southern FolkArt Magazine 2008