Nostalgic Folk Art was born in 2004. I came up with Nostalgic Folk Art name for my paper mache figures because I love the older things that remind me of my childhood and of innocent times. They are figures of folks both childish and impish and I love vintage folk art so putting nostalgic with folk art was/is a perfect and fitting name for my lil figures and business.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Images art show in New Smyrna

had approx 240 artists and i got to visit with T Thompson doing a metal works show (no pics of either of these gals work) and Debra Farley The Charming Cherub  

T and i both purchased wonderful jewelry from Debra its so unusual and fun and beautiful! showing off the ring, T went back and got a very unique and striking necklace.

 so i didnt take pics of their work as they both show items that are special only to shows
 It was a great show and wonderful weather on sat.   oh if i had unlimited income to spend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

something new

Ive made birds before both straight paper mache and mohair style but always on a block or stand so these are something new

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mt Dora Antique Fair !!!!

what a wonderful Sat.  Dan and i had so much fun and found some goodies too!

backing out of our driveway


the way a spaz takes a selfie (with a real camera, you know i still have an old flip top) its early and so excited not even out of the neighborhood.

OMG pulling into the parking area

walking down the magical parking lot to our Nirvana

here we are and i took some pics then i just was too distracted and just didnt take anymore

Dogs were all over the place so that makes me even more happy to be there.

it was damp and cold but as the day went on became so hot, i was sorry i wore this,at least i could take the jacket off.   btw this is my traveling to Bradford Pa in winter outfit giggle, my mil gave this too me for Christmas i think in the 1990s , its so baggy on me and way too short.  giggle i'm at the age of comfort

Yesterday we lost another rock n roll icon, Glen Fry, so sad what a talent  sigh

well i know there is a heaven and this is why       ANGELS

Monday, January 11, 2016

Good Bye Thin White Duke

Normally i dont get so so very sad when an "icon" passes away, but David Bowie to me was special. Frail, beautiful, strange, frightful, handsome, talented and that voice........

my oldest friend who passed away this past october, Cindy, and i would go dancing and his Let's Dance song would come on and up we'd go.      since her passing my heart would sink every time i'd hear a song from him, no matter what song it was, but especially those from the 80's.

the cliche thing to say would be she's dancing to his music up there but i'm not sure what happens and who you get to see or do when you die. I know its all good though.

good by gorgeous and Thank you for the wonderful art and bittersweet memories, especially those songs that remind me of a time before illness took 2 lives

Sunday, January 10, 2016

I Miss The Sun however

when i look out my window i get to see these lovelies!   This feeder actually keeps the squirrels away, well they eat the fallen seeds. One day i actually saw a large blue jay, the type pictured, a male and female cardinal all within minutes!     

but i really need the sun to come back!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Much needed warmth

it is a cold morning! and i see two Bosties soaking up the sun in our living room.
can you guess which one is a HUGE imp?

My First Written Review/Kinda like your first dollar, I treasure this dearly

"Carol Roll is a relative new-comer, creating folk art for four years, now. Her paper mache figures reflect significant talent. At first glance, her angels, people, mermaids, and animals may appear cute and dear. At closer look, they are sophisticated, with detailed, expressive faces, each unique. Roll's work is anything but mass produced. It's the real deal. "

Linda Knopf Southern FolkArt Magazine 2008