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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Mrs Patty Alexander and me off to find the finds! Back at the Deland Flea Market and yesterday was SCORCHER! But we had a great time and got some goodies to boot!

From Tee's expression I take it, One man's junk is still junk to another man or women in our case.

So this week Andrea the unofficial Queen of the Hunt, PA (Patty), Teresa (Tee) and me, met up and scowered the market. It was a meeting of the minds as we all love and collect the same type of items.
Check out PA the rookie takin the lead!

I'm eatin her dust! (literally) No longer a rookie PA can hang!

I think PA found the most unique thing and I believe our lil girl has grown up or maybe I should say the grasshopper has taken the pebble from my hand as she found and purchased an antique opium measure.

Aaaaahhhh the joy of the deal!!!

Heres a better pic of Tee and her maniquin! We all were so jealous, but we just thought about it to long. But we know when she tires of it.......

I know the Queen here is thinking "ok as they are busy with those old bird prints, I'll get ahead start!" I'm on to you Andrea!

You can always find interesting (and not) stuff and people there. Check out these gator heads!!! I mean who doesnt need one!

And here is a man with a belt made from the pelt of a bear! You can't really see it in the pic but... oh and he had for sale a matching belt buckle trimmed in bear fur. He definitly got the Dare to be different memo and Thank God for that! He was a really nice person.

No pictures of the spoils this week but I did spend $5 on a dresser w/o drawers at the end of the morn. I thing the heat had scrambled my brain. Its still on my front porch today. Yes your welcome neighbors! Its filthy and I'm to tired and lazy today to clean it up. Seriously I'm terrified of the cobwebs in the corners but it looked good as a display there and they went down to $5.
We were all a mess at the end of the morn and tooooo tired from taking our bounties to the cars. I got the dresser thing,some vintage tomato people S&P, blocks, old buttons and a bee bite! a very tiny bee thing went in my shirt and stung me.How on earth it got in there?!

PA got the heroin/opium thing,a ton of lil stuff,

Tee got the figure AND a vintage pair of alligator skin cowboy boots (SCORE!!!!)a ton of old luggage, plants and God knows what as she was on her own most of the time, strategy?

and finally the Queen got a beautiful old painting and I cant remember what else. She was showing some serious restraint! However her dress strap broke, a casualty of war!

Hmmmn maybe I know why the bee made it in my shirt I think there was more room to fly in there! giggle

PA needed another fix of wood and rust so she drove to an architectual salvage yard/bar/outside cafe in Deland and for the life of me I cannot remember the name, hhhmmmm Da Vinci Cafe I think anyway its been in mags before and this fella was working there and wanted to take a picture of his bird (I know right?!) so I let him and he wants me to send him a pic. Will do in a day or two or three. He was really nice but REFUSED to let me photograph him. I asked if he was in some witness program but he thought he wasnt worthy. Um maybe he was just embarrased by this stinky sweaty greasy group of ladies with torn clothing! Anyway enjoy the pics! No purchases here everything was very expensive but delightful to see and well a girl's gotta have her dreams.


  1. OMG Carol!
    I am so jealous!

    That is what I call a day well spent = )
    You girls really know how to have fun!

    I so enjoyed the pics!

  2. you gals sure do know how to have fun! I sure wish I was there to tag along :)


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