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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom's birthday is really tomorrow but we celebrated (last week) early to accommidate everyone's scheduling, especially Kipp being home from school.
Anyway so we decided to get yummy fish sandwiches from a lil fish stand on the way to St. Augustine. Didnt take pics but wish I had, I think the place is called JT's Fish House. The food was very good!
We decided to drive further north and visit Washington Oaks State Park. Admission was $5 for the car and worth every penny!
Pulling into the parking lot.

At the entrance gate, thats Kipp me my sis and mom

Just beautiful! What a way to spend the day and the weather was brisk.

I felt like a kid surrounded by such loveliness really makes one's soul so happy

Her smile is lovelier than those blooms!

sis and mom in the very sparse rose garden

Dan and I resting and enjoying the view. Wish we had brought our sandwiches here. Next time.

Not sure if you can see but there were lots of quoi fish

This picture reminds me of those old Florida postcards. My mother loves flower and plants and has a green thumb. She showed ALOT of restraint in not pinching some pieces of the plants there.

There were soooo many butterflies and all the pics we took we didnt really have a good repesentative of them on these bushes

But Kipp got a good photo of a red dragonfly! Never have I ever seen one like this and there were blue ones there as well! This one actually allowed his photo!

And we saw this fella sunning but none of us were scared, well my sister was a bit.

Look at the magnificant trunk on this tree. I wonder all it has gone through.

Like mother like daughter

We went across the highway to the beach but it was way too cold so we decided to hit the European Villiage in Palm Coast. Its a place where people live and shop in an inclusive environment meant to look like a place in Europe. I liked it but the shops were not for me, no antiques or folk art more very upscale shopping. The restaraunts were fantastic and there was live music and some artisans set up.

All in all it was a great day!


  1. Oh I love your mom, she is adorable as you are Carol! What a beautiful park, I could have stayed all day...that is till I seen that creepy a** snake! I would have peed my pants and had to go get new ones then. :)

  2. giggle well Pammie the gift shop was closed that day! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. oh Carol, what a fun time for your mom's birthday! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics w/ us. You're right, your mom's smile is way lovelier than any of those blooms!


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