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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Calm after!

It was a great day and all the nerves and cooking and preparations are over. the clean up was all done by 10pm and now all the guests are gone and the home is somewhat clean, i can have a cup of coffee and quietly enjoy the decorations and think of the good day and night we had yesterday.

I took some pictures of my home yesterday am while getting prepared for our family and friends, I'm letting Kipp know how the whole day went as he is in Poland this year,and thought I'd share some of them with you.

Ok gotta put this littel snow gal in. Country Folks Keepsakes is where youll find these sweeties made by Karen Pender who is one of the sweetest funniest gals around!

This is Kipp's 1st baby ornament! also some Christmas goodies he purchased for his us when he was in elementary school. I love them so much!  A smile to start each day!
setting up the buffet

some house proud pictures of our little home by the ocean, a great way to protect your furniture from food and alcohol mishaps, I cover my chairs with vintage Christmas tablecloths.

Now my couch is a rough and terribley distress leather mess but it is so comfortable and the crochet bedspread is perfect for covering the years of use.

a little bit of cheer in every corner of our home

 I cannot resist collecting vintage plates and mix matching them for special family sit down meals, but not for yesterday as the bar was open from am to pm

ok back to the begining of setting up for the day

Dan smoked some salmon which was delicious!

I made some swedish meatballs, but i thought they were bland, the gravey was KILLER though

we had some sausage as well which was amazing, Rays Quality Meats makes it homemade and it is delicious, so far i've never had a hard piece of grizzle or a bone chip, which grosses me out so much.

of course turkey and stuffing,

our hot sides were roasted potatoes and carrots souffle  one bad thing about my buffet thingy it doesnt make the presentation very pretty but it keeps small amounts of food warm for long periods of time.

A serving secret, I prefer to put smaller amounts out as it keeps people bzy eating continuously as opposed to filling up and getting sleepy. Also it keeps people eating the hors d oeurves all day and night which is important when lots of libations are offered.

welp gotta start the day and get to work, i'm feeling springish. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. Happy New Year, Darlin'!!! Your home looks so festive!! Wish I could reach in and grab me some of those good eats you had!
    Give the boys a new year's kiss from Stella!
    Here's to a fantastic 2014!!


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