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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On our Way, at our Destination Slotin Folk Fest 2012

Geeze it seems like i just cant bounce back from the long trip to Atlanta and all the shennanigans. It was a blast tho and i'd do it all again and cant wait til next year!!!!!!

This year besides Tee Thompson of Hot Metal Mamma works, we brought along, after a couple years of begging, outsider, folk art collector, Greg Milliken. His wife Beth couldnt come but i betcha she'll make it next year ;).  Greg goes for work that isnt my cup of tea but is what i humbley consider hard core and classic outsider/folk art. Beth and him have a gallery of works from original highwaymen to Siddoth and Finster along with many many more. So i knew he'd feel like he hit the promised land if he went there.     

Along the long long way a stop for grub and i think this may be a picture of shame on Greg giggle as he eats an Arby's late lunch.
Tee meanwhile went across the street for some boiled peanuts, they were so yummy!

Finally we reach the hotel and man some of us are BEAT! but the free beer wine and more junk food await so even tho i've swelled liked a balloon i continue to foolishly eat and drink whats offered. here are Tee Me and Greg gobbling

And of course Dan indulged a bit too

We are so exhausted but no time to waste we must be at the first night at Folk Fest damn the bloat!

The parking lot was a bit of a disapointment this time as usually there are a few art cars, this time only 2
So I see my gallery Main Street and Jean! and she really put my work up nicely and i see a couple looking Yahoo!!! Thanks!

Ok here are some pics of artists there, but you know its hard as lots were not there and i would never take a photo w/o asking  Never take a picture without permission!!!!!!

Ok Ed i'm doing you a solid as this out of the 3 was the worst picture of me but the best of you. Plus you gave me a great compliment about my work. However my female vanity makes me point out even tho i look preggers its just the booze and junk food and sitting for 6 1/2 hrs to get there. ok back to the very talented Ed Pribyl ,
I love the fella coming out of the cannon!!  Ed should be at the Country Folk Art Fest in St. Charles Ill, sept 21-23.  Check him out if ya can and tell him Carol and Dan said Hi.

I cant believe i cannot remember this fella's name, his first time there and he made the most wonderful bird houses, that actually were accommidating for birds. they were replicas of real buildings, i think he said that.
I cant find his card and my guess is  bits of it are in the lint catcher

Ok i am furious i didnt take pics of Joel Pinkerton's work but here he is and he is one of my favorites there!!! he makes the most amazing sculptures out of silver plated serving sets and what nots. They are animals and just delightful creatures. You must google him I swear his creatures smile at you!

So day 2 we head to Stone Mountain Ga for some antiquing and gallery visits.

We came across this fella and his gallery, unfortunately his card with name etc, is probably in the lint catcher along with the other! but enjoy the pics anyway!

We had a nice lunch at this German restaurant
Then back to Folk Fest!
I wish i had a ton of disposable income as i'd buy 3 of these (not the pop)

Here is another of my favorite artists there Michael Wimmer,
he really has a whimsey and i love his colors and placement of objects to create these original one of a kind must haves!

ok his shirt said Free Hugs and i was a lucky patron! oh there are characters there for sure!

also I'm lucky to have met Paul Milliken and his partner Steven Cooper, Paul of Fox5 Atlanta and Steven of channel 6 Orlando. Check out the story Paul did on Folk Fest, it tells its begining and also he does a quick interview with Jeanne from Main Street Gallery and if you dont blink you may see my work as he walks by. You can see the interview on the blog below this.
Paul is Greg's son and Steve and him were there their first time there too.

ok off to work and on to the next thing!

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  1. What a blast!! Thanks for taking us along!!! I absolutely adore the guy flying out of the cannon!! ♥ Such talent!!
    "Whack a Barbie?" Hopefully Ken wasn't off to the side holding the mallet. Yikes. :> 0


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