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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Weekend at Slotin Folk Fest 2011

Phew! I am still dog tired! Dan and I went to Slotin Folk Fest this fri sat and left yesterday. We saw interesting art and people for sure. It is such an eclectric group of artisans and their work.
I'd like to add since i just didnt have the courage to ask for pics this year from Winder Binder Gallery or Joel Pinkerton so google them and see some great stuff.
But i did get some photos and thought i'd share a few of them.

at Tallulah Falls before heading in. The view is beautiful but i'm terrified of heights.

In the parking lot a huge metal sculpture. Someone is gonna have fun hauling that home.

Meeting Cher Shaffer, she is such a sweetheart and i was familiar with her paintings on sheet music and thrilled to see her paintings they are as wonderful as she is. You can see more of her work at Panorama Folk Art.

Some colorful people and places!

And here is Tommy Lawless! He and Mitch Huett own Panorama Folk Art and they are so much fun! Mitch couldnt make it this year but Tommy held down the fort. You can see their work at Panorama Folk Art too but here you can see some of Tommy's memory jugs and Mitch's misfits. Mitch is a fantastic painter as well and Tommy's work is sculpture, paintings, assemblege, mixed media, most reflecting his wicked sense of humor.

Looking for Eric Legge and see his hat and his lunch but no Eric!

Here is Big White Dog Inc and Aaron Hequembourg really makes the most amazing wood burning portrait pieces. He also has wonderful antique pieces amoung his art which shows how great they'd look in a home full of primitives or antiques.

John Fesken does some downright spooky stuff. His art is playful and spooky at the same time. But it is also some of the most original art out there. He has pieces you look thru with pieces that move. He does beautiful paintings that seem like dreams or nightmares. I can tell ya this picture does his work no justice. Seriously Disney needs this fella!

Ok here is Slotin Folk Art nirvana! William Skrips, I mean the things he makes are just so clever,when we get there we always hope he is there to see what wonderful things he brings.

Jeanne and me at her Main Street Gallery section near my Nostalgic Folk Art and Carmen who assists her for this show. I'm gonna check out her gallery site as she took some photos too also there are lots of great art in her gallery and she has some of it posted.

afterward on Sat. night we stopped by Greg and Karen Mack who run Mike's Art Truck. They are amazing friends who always have artists stop by to meet each other, visit, eat and drink. Here they are and we only took a couple of pics (actually these came out or i thought better than to post some giggle)

Greg Karen and Kim Dean who paints and sculpts

The sweet angel Eric Legge.

Filmaker Willie enough said

Tommy Lawless, sculpter, painter,etc, etc, and i do mean etc!!!!

and Pete the Cat creator James Dean

settle down girls he's married!

So thats that and i wish i had more info and pics of Slotin Folk Fest 2011 but i'm still exhausted from seeing all the sights and meeting interesting folks.

ugh now back to laundry.


  1. Love the trip ... I felt like I was with you every step of the way, Jinxie!

    Hope you are rested up, my sweet friend! x0

  2. What fun, and so much unique folk art to ooh and ahh over!!! Carol, you are just as cute as can be!

  3. Thanks Gals,

    It is always so interesting and wonderful to see so much original artwork


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