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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happiest New Year to Everyone!

Geeze I'm still recovering from Christmas in Brrrradford Pa. It was freezing and poor Henry and Archie, but we did have winter coats for them. Here are some pics of the cold and the fur boys. Dan had the wonderful job of being dog walker but the boys figured it out quickly to do thier things asap giggle Archie lost his coat running to get in the house and he reminded me of the cowardly lion in the scene from The Wizard of Oz when he ran from Oz, Archie literally jumped the entire stairs to get to the back door.

Henry and Archie did get comfy THank God. As it is very stressful for me anyway to be a visitor in someone's home and also to have two dogs even tho they are agreeable to them.

Kipp is in Ireland and we did mangage to skype him and i'm adding this as i found the pics of him

And to stay sane and comfy it seems like i had a much needed drink in my hand the entire time!

Oh I forgot to mention Dan's parents have a shrine in their basement to the Buffalo Bills football team, they even decorated a tree down there in homage to them.

Oh Lord the party (of one) is starting!

Here come Julie and now IT'S ON!!!!

Girls gone wild!!! What else can ya do when its under 10 degrees outside and you know the Lutefisk or Lutefish is a coming! btw the music was Christmas stuff! Nothing can keep us girls down!

Another day another cocktail! Notice my fat stomache at this point. Its called the Bradford Bloat and its from living like Elvis Presley's last years in only 4 days!

Again just two ladies visiting giggle. um Looks like Janet couldnt refuse the scarf, which by the way some how became well see if the pics tell the story. I told my nephew who quietly was filming this episode, this better not end up anywhere!

Carley showing Janet how to do the stinkey foot dance. hee hee!!!

Enough of that nonsense and so glad i have tons of pics! i may need them in the future giggle.

Janet had a beautiful table set for the very special Swedish food.

But first Glug (its a warm wine thing)

Keegan dear (my nephew) are you enjoying your Glug?

Its so important to learn about other cultures and enjoy their wonderful foods and cocktails.

Next is the salt pork, which Dan is carving. It has been salted for i think around 21 days and you take the brine and dip this delicious homemade rye bread in it.

Aaaaaahhhhh yes to the fragrent and eye watering Lutefike or Lutefish. Gobble gobble Carley!

dont hog it all make sure Keegan has plenty!

Keegan is so enjoying the wonderful aroma of fish cured in lye!

I do so enjoy seeing the children enjoy all the holiday has to bring giggle

Actually i have acquired some immunity to lutefiske and can eat a small spoonful of it.
What i have learned in all my years is that you just have to enjoy the small joys in life and try to find the humor in everythng and if ya cant have a vodka martini!

happiest of New Years to YOU and your family!


  1. hahahaha...what fun in PA Carol!!! I can tell you loved the glug! I never knew your inlaws were Swedish.
    Maybe you need to come to my house at Christmas for Mexican tradition, Tamales and Tequila, and then Menudo (which is Mexican Lutefisk) for New years! hahaha!

    Seriously though, it looks like a good time was had by all, even the sweet little boys in their winter coats! that an empty gallon of Vodka I see on the Hoosier?

  2. Hiya Jinx!
    It sure looks like a good time was had by all!
    I especially love the pictures where you girls are dancing.
    How Fun!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. We really missed Kipp there but he had a wonderful time in Belfast with his friend's family

  4. Hee-hee!!! Welcome to the northeast darlin'!!! What a fun time you had!! Did the boys travel okay?
    I had to giggle at the Buffalo Bills tree. My mama is a die-hard Yankee fan but I won't give her any Christmas tree ideas.
    Next time, you have to travel farther north up to New York!
    Glad you had a good time. Always remember... long johns and being liquored up is the best way to survive the frozen weather up here. ;> )
    Happy new year darlin'!


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