Nostalgic Folk Art was born in 2004. I came up with Nostalgic Folk Art name for my paper mache figures because I love the older things that remind me of my childhood and of innocent times. They are figures of folks both childish and impish and I love vintage folk art so putting nostalgic with folk art was/is a perfect and fitting name for my lil figures and business.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Taking A Time Out!

Ok but first a pic of the boys at play in the studio, notice the shoe in the upper corner. Archie is the culprit. He steals my shoes whenever I leave the house and the sneaky beast hides them in Henry's crate where he apparantely enjoys them and maybe he thinks Henry will get the blame. giggle always something with the new kid.

Anyway I just have been so darned busy I can hardly breathe!!! So I decided to take a time out and as the saying goes, "stop and smell the flowers". I had a wonderful weekend and took some pics of the beautiful flowers around. With the blessings of good weather and beautiful birds and flowers around and things generally going good, my heart just soars and makes me so thankful. I know others are sufferring and I get my life's share of it too, but for now it is not my time for that and I am grateful.

Little surprises are everywhere in my memory garden. On my fence we put up some folk art signs and old wall pockets and odds and ends.

This is such a joy to water (see the hose I lazily left there), to see the water fall from one bucket to the other. I wish the wild flowers were in bloom but look at the geranium!

Look at my rose bush! The other one on the other side of the doors just up and died?

Its really nice to sit out there on sunny days and watch the lil Bostons chase each other into exhaustion!

Here are some flowers in the front of the house, under the window boxes.

The entrance of my home has one of my very first Nostalgic Folk Art figures and Jan Brown's (Big Brown Dog Primitives)art work of 2 Bostons, which represent Henry and Archie.
So thanks for visiting my blog and letting me share my pics and hopefully you'll have the best day today!!!


  1. It's so nice to "see" you!! I know you've been busy.
    Hee-hee... Archie is a lil' stinker. Give them both a smooch for me.
    Your garden is wonderful! Love those buckets and that horse!! *Gasp*
    Glad to hear you saved one of your first pieces, she is fantastic!! ♥
    I also have to add I just feasted my peepers on your stripper bunny and dirty dog and almost fell of my chair from gigglin'!! They are fantastic!!!! You crack me up!!! :> )

  2. Hawww! Peanut any excuse to kiss those dogs. Girrrllll that was so much fun to make, the boston with the bulging eyes and the rabbit with the bulging waistline! Yes hauney some things don't make it to the website giggle.
    Kiss your kids for me tooooooo!


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"Carol Roll is a relative new-comer, creating folk art for four years, now. Her paper mache figures reflect significant talent. At first glance, her angels, people, mermaids, and animals may appear cute and dear. At closer look, they are sophisticated, with detailed, expressive faces, each unique. Roll's work is anything but mass produced. It's the real deal. "

Linda Knopf Southern FolkArt Magazine 2008