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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Slotin Folk Fest 2009

What a show! What a show! Honestly it hasn't disapointed me each time Dan and I have gone. The work there is always unique as are alot of the talent.
Um can you guess the artist who owns this truck? There is a box on top of the truck where you can put a buck. Crazy like a fox I think!!!!

Now this makes me so mad at myself as the fella above and the one following, well I had their cards and put them in my pocket and since I had a ton of laundry to do (see last entry) I put my jeans in the wash with all my cards and none survived with readable names. I am truly truly sorry especially for this talented artist!!! The way he set up his area was incredible. He was kinda shy and I regret that the pics dont show his work as beautifully as it is. His use of colors as he integrates pieces of antiques and other types of items to make the most glorious sometimes functional art. His area was a highlight of my visit there.If anyone knows this extremely talented fella's name please let me know so I can give him the due he deserves and I am sick about not having his name!!!! Ok I got an email today 8-19 from Mr. Skrips (almost fell off my chair!!!!) and the artist's name "the other tall guy" with glasses is Mike Wimmer. super nice of him to identify him!

Seriously we had just driven 7 hrs from FL to this show to bring some more work to a gallery representing me there and here is Mr. Lawless of Panorama Gallery in St. Louis Mo. getting some work on the "downlow" well not really, kinda sorta not.

Panorama is going thru a bit of a change less on antiques and focusing more on Folk Art so check them out if ya get a moment. Here are Tommy and Mitch checking out some work and shopping the great works available.

Well here are some random photos of the great work there. Some funky some more traditional but with a twist.

What a fun piece! Jim Shores took some aluminum cans and turned them into something quite different. Something for everyone at this show. The metal flower really is fabulous! One of those pieces that you let slip by and then can't stop thinking bout and mad that you didn't purchase it. So at art shows always buy it if you love it as it may be gone if ya come back later on.

Towards the end of the show and one of the artists I really wanted to see was this man, William Skrips!!!

His work is astounding and the colors are so beautiful! I can't imagine how his creative mind works. He really didnt want me to take his picture. He was so shy too, maybe thats a sign of a super great artist, one whose work is so personal. So he wanted me just to show a drawing of him instead that was in a book he was featured in. He really was shy and sincere as he didnt even tell me the name of the book.

Truly one of the best and I guess I'm prejudice as his work is so stellar in my world.

Oh what is this man looking at? and why are his arms crossed? Does that mean he hates what he sees? maybe he can't decide which one he wants.

Jeanne from Main Street Gallery and me in front of some of my work. Thanks for the opportunity Jeanne!!!!!! She is a super lady! Her Clayton Ga gallery is full of amazing and interesting works from many many artists on 3 art filled levels. So if your in her neck of the woods, that is something to go and see.
And of course if you can make it to Slotin Folk Fest it is so worth it if you really love folk art, original,fun and unusual pieces that are not mass produced and are actually completely made by the artist. Very addicting collecting the work thats there!

After the show we went to Greg and Karen Mack's museum, I mean house. They are great collectors of all kinds of folk art and own Mike's Art Truck Gallery. Truly instrumental in getting my foot in the door and introducing Dan and me to Folk Fest and different forms of folk art. While drinking and eating we were in the company of some wonderful artists who had work shown, James and Kim Dean, he does paintings of a series of Pete the Cat and his adventures, she does amazing mixed media sculptures of women I can't even describe how fab they are, Willie who does metal art, Eric Legge who paints and does mixed media, Bailey Jack who paints beautiful and vivid pictures. Anyway here are some pics of the above mentioned crew.

Karen and Gregg Thank you for your hospitality and a very fun evening!


  1. If you arent the cutest dad gum ar-teeeest ever, I'll eat that guys straw cowboy hat! I'm so glad you shared pics of the show - it's always so much fun to go along with you and see what you see! thanks for sharing Jinx ♥

  2. btw... what is that truck covered with ???

  3. bottle caps! and yes Dan put a dollar in the box.
    Thanks Cookie your such a dear friend.

  4. Carol, thank you so much for the tour!

    I sure wish I'd been there. All of that free expression under one roof must have been overwhelming and so much fun.

    I agree with Cookie you are just the most precious cutie ever!

    Hugs, Audrey

  5. Audrey thank you dear for those sweet words and you are one artist who would of appreciated the different types of art there. I know you like primitives and there were some there as well and with a twist.

  6. Carol, you are as cute as a button!! And you're a lil' bit of a thing, only knee high to a grasshopper! :> )
    The show looked like it was wonderful!!
    Holy smokes, are those beer bottle caps?! If so, hopefully he didn't have to drink 'em all. :> )
    Thanks for sharin' sweetness!!


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