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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Take a Walk with me this morning

its still kinda dark and i'm about to take my morning walk. i try to do this every weekday am.  its really relaxing and i really didnt sleep much last night, my inlaws and their friends are coming over for lasagna dinner tonight and i'm a bit stressed about it.  ok
here we go  and my appologies for the dark pics but you know i'm realllllly bad at pics and not savey enough to fix them with photoshop (not even sure how to get that giggle) or savey enoug to find spell check.

out my front door 
and first thing i see are my flowers, yesssss, they make me so happy, i see it rained last night,
now threw my little gate (to keep the bosties from running and chasing anything that moves)

the house across from me is for sale and its so pretty inside and out.

i look to the left and then to the right as its trash day and i turn the corner  on my way

i always look at this house, its smaller but they just have it so girly and its just perfect, see the swing on the tree?

turned another corner and you can see all the palm trees

and heading straight down the street

some pretty sights some not so much
so many palm trees, and these 3 always make me think of Dan, Kipp and me, like this small family of palms, silly but i like it.

turning the corner again

and heading east

this lovely home has the strangest history, a sad one, and no one stays in it very long after buying it. it seems cursed???

a very nice home but i'm envious of the wonderful pavers

 another corner and more palm trees

 some wonderful flowers
 this is my favorite house ! so mid century wonderful! The absolute perfect little beach house.
 ok now i'm not going to take any pictures on this street, its a mess mostly and we all have one of those neighbors or one of those homes, well this street is full of those. i feel for the couple of nice homes and families here but i have hope as a vacant home sold and fingers crossed.
   Bwwwaaaagh the begining of the run down street
 ok on the home stretch now
 this is the home of my friend and who is stylish and fabulous and his house reflects that. you should see the inside, it looks like something out of a home design style magazine.
 round another corner and i guess this really is the home stretch
 there's my little block home and oh my neighbor's home reminds me of The Golden Girls. very Florida and their backyard is to die for!
 finally getting some pink and white blooms but the window boxes are just so lush.
 thru the gate and oh my pretty flowers
once inside, i thought i'd share a little of the inside of my home.  some of my primitive favs. (one of our wall angels that is super special to me because Dan made it when i was so sick)

oh i just dont have the energy or gumption to iron the table cloth (i'm going to start on the meatballs when done here)

 in the dining room there is an old basket full of gifts from my friends and part of a collection of old door stops.
 also found this old metal eagle that was on a weather vane, a salt glazed pitcher and some artwork from Lisa Arkus, on a chair Dan made.

my living room, would you like to see some of the things i love to collect and really need to stop?
ok here's some gold carnival glass, and vintage books
 vintage pottery and architectual items, oh and a Karlene McConnell painting
 old gardening toos and flower frogs
 more vintage pottery
time to get it together and start the meatballs and sausage

what a messy kitchen! sign of a great cook giggle

Hope ya'll have a wonderful and stress free day! Back to work tomorrow for me.

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