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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Heart is Broken

Yesterday morning my mom came with Dan and I to take Kipp to Orlando International Airport to send him off to Ireland. I havent been able to stop my crying outbursts and even lost it at the grocery store this am(the Jim Croce song operator came on). It was too difficult to see all the things i'd buy for him. Right now I'm doing laundry and some of his clothes are there. I'll fold them and put them in his room and probably loose it again.
Kipp is my only child and has been a wonderful son. I knew this day was coming and there were times when i thought this day wouldnt come soon enough. I regret those thoughts as i would welcome the wet towels on the bed or the dried cheese stuck on the pots or all the very small things that sometimes annoy us our kids/adult kids do. I miss him so much my heart is so broken i cannot even think clearly. Whenever someone talks to me i just start crying and rambling. But I am extremely proud of him. He is brave to go on his own but this is a son whose arm was broken in a high school soccer game and he continued playing. He always surprises us :).
here are some pics of the thurs. before he left(with my mom and sister) and sat am on the way to the airport and at the airport. Oh and our dog Henry has been so depressed, Kipp took a pic of him actually in one of his suitcases and when we were leaving sat am he kept trying to sit on Dan's fee. Henry loves Kipp so much too poor Archie Henry wont let him in Kipp's room.
The pic is on Kipp's phone and i wish i had it now to share.

Letting go is so difficult but time is the great healer. I miss him so very very much,all those years together as a lil family and he must go on a become the man we want him to be and all he can be. It just hurts so much to let him go.


  1. Oh Jinx, Your beautiful boy will be just fine and I hope you will too.

    He certainly sounds as if he's got his act together and I'll bet you're in for more reasons to be his proud mother.

    Blessings to you Kipp!
    Big Hugs to you Jinx!


  2. Hang in there Carol. He is such a handsome man with a great head on his shoulders.~~hugs~~ Pam

  3. Thank you ladies I am doing better but passing his room is still so hard and i must everytime i go through the hallway. the little things he left behind, change, notes,etc... what do i do with them. I'm still in a state where i cant think clearly about those things. But he is well and I am very proud of him. Thank you for your kind comments so much.

  4. oh Jinx...
    my heart is with you. I know how hard this is for you but I'm praying that each day will bring a bit more comfort in knowing he will have a wonderful experience that will create memories for life! I think it's so sweet that he has a picture of Henry in his suitcase.
    I would strongly suggest getting a camera on both yours and his computer so you can skype together. it's totally free and you will be able to see and talk to him perfectly.
    Your Kipp is so handsome and its amazing how much you and your mama / sister resemble each other! wow... you could almost be twins.
    I'm here for you - I love you and know that each day will get a little easier.

    give Mr. Jinxie a big hug

  5. Oh Jinx...that brings back such memories of when I had to say bye to Sarah, as she went off to live in Spain.
    Like Cookie said, you need to get a webcam, so you can Skype w/ him - it really does make it a lot easier!
    He's gonna do GREAT - you raised him good, and he's gonna continue to make you so very proud!
    Now, start saving your pennies, so you can go over and visit!
    Love ya GF

  6. Dang he is a good looking kid Carol! Wonderful pictures of all of you. This is going to be so hard, but it will get easier in time. Webcam it for sure that will help alot.
    Love ya sweetie!

  7. Yes Yes Yes we have a webcam and I skyped today! Magic for sure and what a blessing to live in a time when this can be done! I screamed when i saw him he was good. his apt is so tiny! Thanks ladies!I have happiness again in my heart.


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