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Monday, August 23, 2010

Slotin Folk Fest 2010 was Beautiful and Brilliant

What a “beautiful and brilliant” weekend! Slotin Folk Fest 2010!!!! Dan me and our friend Tee Thompson (Hot Metal Mama) went to see some INTERESTING and finally some ORIGINAL artwork and people. After driving almost 8 hrs we just had enough energy to do a quick run thru and here are the pics. It takes a couple of days to see everything but we just couldnt wait to be amazed.

Here's Lasters Pink Van, he calls it Inner Galactic Shack o LLacc (he wrote that on the back of his card)

an old ambulance by Mr. Robert Seven

The parking lot gives clue to the folk and art inside. Here is a great picture of Dan and Tee heading in and Tee seeing an art car for the first time.

Here is Jean Kronsnoble owner of Main Street Gallery amoungst the customers . She really worked it this weekend as there were so many people there.

Here is a spot where she has some of my work (Nostalgic Folk Art)displayed.

Oh here is Don Bundrick and we are right next to some of the beautiful hand crafted furniture he makes and shows/sells at Main Street Gallery. He is such a great fella and it was so very nice to meet him.

Ok Lord Lord Lord!!! the great and amazing William Scrips!,, one of the very best artisans out there. I don’t have a lot of great pics (whats new) but you can see and drool over his work if you check out his site. Trust me one look and you’ll be a fan too! This guy should all over every folk art musuem. Omg I hate this pic of myself, i just look like a gushing fool but its the only one good enough to post.

And here is Michael Wimmer amoungst his customers and dang it again my photography skills lack so much but you can google him and he is at Winder Binder Gallery. He is one of the best as well! His clocks/work are so incredibley colorful fanciful dark and just so orginial! Original being the key word but like Scrips its the colors and placement that make the work more than "assembledge"

Look at these paper creatures! It was like being in a Wonka dream!

Woody Gruber art work! These were made from odds and ends and they just have the right fit. Charming work for sure.

Ok here is some just so incredibley whimsical and humorous work of Joel Pinkerton,, I tell ya this is imagination! I do believe these creatures smile at you

Hello Bailey! Bailey Jack ya’ll!

More great art.

(I guess I should say please enjoy these pics of great work but please remember copyright laws and that artist's work comes from their heart.)

Dan and Tee enjoying some German beer on sat after a day of enjoying all kinds of art.

A private joke amoungst friends and gnomes. Um Tee and I and our baked good offerings to Greg and Karen Mack. They own Mike’s Art Truck and sat. night they always have some artists over for pizza beer and stuff. They are very nuturing of their friends and know so many people. Thank you Karen and Greg for your gracious hospitality as always.

Karen opening her home to some artists.

Greg making sure everyone has the goods.(pizza beer wine and what not)

Here are some of the pics that turned out ok of that evening. We met some interesting (to say the least!) people. Butch Anthony(he was on American Pickers and sold them a huge Piggly Wiggley head,he's in overalls), Robert Seven (well that is what he was called that night but I think he has a couple of other names),Kim and James Dean, and one of my very favorites , Eric Legge. I know I’m leaving some people out and I do apologize but I cannot remember your names and I just wanted to hurry up and get my blog out there.

Um Mr. Seven (sitting) was wearing a cumberbund and had some feathers in his hat hee hee but he had a 1/2 gallon jug of "tea" he carried around with him. I hear he lives in a magical house. Man to be a fly in that wall. He is the owner of the art car ambulance.

Eric Legge is the coolest fella on the planet hands down. He is soft spoken, completely ageless and the words that come out of his mouth just make me smile. He called Kim Dean’s work “Beautiful and Brilliant” but I think that also describes Eric. Now he is the real deal.

This is my fav pic of the entire weekend. smile.

I cant wait to go back next year, honestly i see stuff you cant find anywhere and just wish i had the cash to buy one of everything! hope to see ya'll there.

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