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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back From A Wonderful Vacation!

What a wonderful time we had in Bryson City, NC this past week. Pics will follow write up as I'm having trouble with them showing up all kind of crazily and messing up the wording.

Henry has his spot on Dan's lap. Archie is with me and poor thing has to be mediacated as he gets so nervous and cannot stop panting and shaking. But he looks so pitiful with his glassy and squinted eyes.

First stop was at Tallulah Falls in GA. The overlook is so steep and very intimidating. I'm not leaving Dan's site here! The shop there has the cutest items, very old fashioned candies, replications of old tin toys, tons of Burt's Bees products and vintage inspired house hold items. I always purchase a table cloth everytime we visit.

Next stop Clayton GA, to The Main Street Gallery, to drop off some of my work. The absolute coolest thing happened while we were there! A lady bought a figure while we were in the gallery, what are the odds!!!!????!!!! I was really nervous too.

Here are some random pics as we traveled on to our cabin and a pic of the fireplace there. It is a really sweet cabin! (Marge's Place Angel's Cabins)

We took excursions to many towns and we ate at LuLu's in Slyva which I believe was written up in Southern Living Magazine. Dan's food was very good.

Onward to Asheville! So many neat shops and eateries! My favorite is the old WoolWorths which is converted to a 2 level art gallery BUT they kept the vintage soda shop area.

The Dublin Hiking Club!

Our final night at the Fryemont Inn circa 1923 and they still have the old fashioned locks on the doors no credit card styled keys! breakfast and dinner are included and believe me they have stayed in 1923. LOVE IT!!!! We always eat there our last day whenever we stay in Bryson.

We are all tired on the way home.

Its really hard to take pics when on vacation and I wish I would of taken more to show how serene and comforting Bryson City is and if you just want to get away from it all and really get away this is a wonderful place to go.


  1. Jinx, so glad you and yours had a fine time on vacation.
    The photos look so inviting and how nice that someone purchased one of your pieces!
    My favorite shots are of you and hubby in the hats and of Henry and archie snoozing(ADORABLE!)

    Thanks for sharing glad you're back!

  2. Welcome home!! I've missed you!! So happy to hear you had a great time!!
    My goodness, you're such a lil' bit of a thing! I could carry you around in my pocket!
    These pics are fantastic and the boys look plum tuckered out. ♥
    Glad your back sweetness.
    :> )

  3. Hey girls! glad to be back but i feel home is over there. sigh. anyone want to trade a beachside home for a small farmhouse in NC?

  4. Welcome back dude! Frist thing I gotta say is I just cant get over is how darn cute you are,just adorable!
    Sure look slike a pretty and inviting area, I would lvoe to check it out one of these days.
    Love them sleeping babies too,so so sweet!
    Hugs~~Pammy Lammy ;)


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