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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mainland Bucs 1980 30th Reunion

The Reunion celebration is still going on, however I only partook in the cocktail party this past fri the 25th and I am so mad that these are the only pics that turned out!!! The fact is the others are gone and I know this is weird but its like my camera ate them! Maybe I took too many as already had 46 in there from my son's school project. Don't know and as you can see I just sat down to load em up and add to my blog and am stupified. Wouldn't have in any other way has become one of my fav sayings right now. Cause with Kipp's 2 final exams this tues, and a huge show in August, my head is spinning and i'm messing lots of stuff up. Spaz forever!

ok now I'm smiling thinking about seeing my 2 best buds from school. Lori Leatherwood Dopsloff and Suzie Boudreau Cornwall. I've known them since we were all 12. Lori is the other gal I was introduced with the first day of 7th grade as the new girls by the admin. (mentioned in a previous blog)

Anyway I only went to have fun with these gals as never kept in touch with anyone and mostly hung out with my boyfriend at the time and/or Lori and Suzie. But ended up enjoying seeing lots of schoolmates and had a nice time. Glad I went.

so they came over here first for a drink and nibbles before heading off. Suzie's husband Tim went and Dan was grateful for that! No picks of them showed up!!!!!
Lori is the beautiful blonde and Suzie is the beautiful tall brunette.

Lori and I at my home before Suzie and Tim got here.

Suzie sorry this pic is so dark!

Me,Lori and Suzie Lindsey! Lindsey was a huge part of my high school years.She looks fantastic! She was a trooper and along with Suzie Boudreau one of the funniest gals around! Thanks Suzie and hope you visit me when your in town. She now lives in CA. with an adorable lil boy.

Abbie Davis in background and Tanya Williams next to me! Abbie and I had some classes at Daytona State College long time ago!

Now getting annoyed as no pic with Valenthia Van Meter, yes even the name is one of a superstar. She is still as gorgeous as she always was. She is one of those people that just have it, whatever it is and should of been famous for something.

At least these couple of pics came thru as I truly love Lori and Suzie like family and they stuck with me through all the highs (literally hee hee just kidding)and lows of tramatic youth, love, mean girls, first jobs, first cars, bathing suits (very tramatic), skipping school, sneaking into clubs,and things that cannot be mentioned even under torture!

We still keep in touch Lori is in Naples and Suzie here in town. And by the way a big hello to Gordon and man did I miss not seeing Bonchi the other night!
The next one i'll head to if still around would be the 50th but this left me with really good memories and maybe i'll just leave it at that.


  1. Oh Wow Jinx you sure look as if you had a blast!
    But how about Dan? Did he have fun?

    I bet your gal pals and others thought you'd taken a drink from the fountain of youth because you look FABULOUS!!!

    I sure would like to know some of those things that couldn't be mentioned, even under torture!

    =) Audrey

  2. Carol your just as cute as can be! You really know how to strike a pose.
    OMG, Im having panic attacks now just thinking of the pictures Cookie might take of me on our meet & greet next weekend,YIKES! I better buy some big a** shades to cover my face! lol
    Looks like you have a blast.
    Im sorry about your pictures. Are you sure your pictures didnt go to your internal memory or memory card? My camera has 2 sizes of memory cards so sometimes the pics get stored to the wrong card.

  3. Jinxie.....I knew you'd look ADORABLE at your reunion....
    Isn't it wonderful to still have girlfriends from early childhood?'re beautiful, and I know you and Cookie are both so excited about your soon get do NOT need big sunglasses to cover up your face either!

  4. What fantastic pics Carol!! You truly are cute as a button and you must go 80 lbs. soakin' wet!
    It looks like a fun time was had by all!
    My 30th is next year. Yikes!
    Thanks for sharing sweetness!! :> )

  5. Thank you ladies for the lovely comments! It was a bittersweet event and pretty sure it will be the last one I head too. Maybe the 50th if I make it.
    BTW Dan thinks I was confused (alcohol induced) about pics as I was taking pics but with other people's camera. hhaaawwww!


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