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Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Lovely Work From My Folk Art Friends

Audrey from Bay Rays Child, makes wonderful wonderful birds and I have some perched on my wire tree in my living room. I am such a greedy bird myself and think you can never have enough of them around. Which reminds me the TDIPT group is about to do a group launch on Ebay more details later.

More added to my BT collection

Some things from Tee of Hot Metal Mama, a portrait of Henry and a sign that is soooo true (from her) and an art box she made. Check out her site for more of them.

Finally I got my Dogpatch Primitives by Patricia Kelly Trevino!

Of course I have to add more pics of the trials of my poor Henry. Here he is sunning himself in a spot in the now ruined garden (from the freezing temps), but weary as the lil one is meandering his way.

and here he comes, I think Henry is thinking, can't a dog get some peace in their own garden or whats left of it?

Archie, a face only this mom loves, but Henry will come around right?

Peace at last I like to think or maybe he's thinking, how much longer must I endure a puppy?

Its so cold this poor lizard is just sitting there allowing me to take his pic and in serious danger as Henry is the great lizard, squirrel hunter.

The lizard got away, I wouldn't allow Henry to harm him.

this morning this happened on its own and more joy to my heart, infact they are playing right now around the house, I'm totally ignoring them and doing my blog and so today is gonna be a great one!


  1. Awwwwwwww Jinx how nice of you to give me mention.
    I do enjoy the doggie antics!
    How loving they both look, taking a break on the couch.

    Thanks darlin'!

  2. Audrey your very welcome my friend, but truly I adore your sweet work and your birds they are just what that tree needed! Oh and the metal cutout of Henry is as you can see in the shrine!!!

  3. Wow! Everything looks fantastic Carol!!! Yeppers, I know first hand how fabulous Audrey's and Patty's creations are! Tee's work rock's too! Such talent!
    Awww... My heart went pitter-patter when I saw the pics of A & H on the couch together!! The close ups of Archie's mug are priceless. Thanks for the pics darlin'. I always look forward to see my nephews on your blog.
    I've gotta get me one of those boobie signs. :> )

  4. You have a lovely collection of artwork, Carol! Love those pids of your little darlin out in the yard!! Susan


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