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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What a day!

On Monday my good friend Andrea, her daughter Bree and I went to Gainesville and Micanopy for thrift store shopping and antiquing.
Rats I am a terrible photographer!! I really wanted to have a good pic of Andrea as I knew as the hot day went on any pic taken would show us all wilted and less than presentable as a southern gal would like.
Here is Andrea in her lovely home before take off. Sorry but this was the least blurry pic.

We just randomly went thru Gainesville and found a couple of thrift stores but nothing really stellar. That was our fault as we just had no plan of action. We had a bit of a late start and Andrea was ragging on Bree to hurry it up. Anyway when I do that to Dan (rush him) when I drag him to go antiquing or to flea markets I always say, "ok someone just bought that Russell Wright water pitcher for $2.00". Its always a running (inside) joke in our house. Well we did have a late start and geeeze louise we stopped at a thrift store and here's a Russell Wright water pitcher! I made Andrea take a pic to show Dan!

After two stops we gals were getting pretty hungry. We found a lil place to eat with cheap prices and my Lord lots of delicious food. I think those omelets had at least 6 eggs. My scrambled eggs were divine and so were the grits. Love love love to stop at these small lil places to eat. At the register they had a legal pad for comments good and bad so being the nosey gal I am I went thru the pages and 99% of the comments were good. But the funniest thing was this random comment, "Edward Cullen is so hot!" giggle anyway....

Yes we did eat almost everything!!!

Bree shopping.

Some beautiful shops and Andrea putting up with the dramatics,

But it was very hot and I was so tired.

Speaking of tired, I wish this pic was clearer! this precious lil cat was curled up sleeping with his paw covering his eyes and if you look at his lil duck on the couch next to him,curled up almost the same way.

here are some pics taken on the way out of town,

By sweet lil town

Look at the size of that chicken!

My dream home!

Everyone has a different dream I suppose. Dare to be different as they say!


  1. Jinxie, when I come visit will you take me here? I just know we could make a day out of it and have so much fun laughing and giggling and looking for more Russell Wright water pitchers! (and hot waiters at the restaurants)

    you are so dad-gum adorable ♥
    luv u

  2. awww, it looks like you 3 girls had a blast! what fun, and I love the look of the town and the shops and the food, OMG....that is a lot of food.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. You bet Cookie and pick up Patty on the way down.

  4. Man, looks like you had a blast!!! Yep, I would have put on the feedbag and devoured all that food! Awww, I could see you livin' in that adorable home! So did you buy that pitcher?! :> )

  5. LOL CArol your a hoot! What a fun day it looks like yall had. I wonder what was in your drink cup ? Sure looks like you didnt want to put it down. The "Edward Cullen is so hot!" I bet Mo did that...thats where shes been! lol

  6. Carol, you are so darned cute! Looks like you girls had a blast & a very yummy breakfast. Andrea's home is lovely & what a kewl tat bree has on her arm! Oh, I love the "dramatic" Shopped til you dropped pic! That town is adorable & so is your "Dream House". So... I have to know...did you get that Pitcher for 2 bucks? *giggle* Hugs, Starla :)

  7. giggle, no, as it was a newer variety and it was $20 and it was a wrong color. Bree has the cutest face with this great turned up nose (natural) and then these fierce tats!

  8. Jinx, I just wanted to pop in and wish you the most awesome day ever!! Hope Mr. Dan has some birthday magic planned up his sleeve - I'd be celebrating with you if we were just a smidge closer by miles!

    Happy Birthday to a very treasured friend! ♥

  9. That looks like a wonderful day. I'm stopping by compliments of Cookie to say Happy Birthday

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Carol! Hope it was a great one. Our birthdays are less than a week apart!

    Btw, next time you go shopping let me know...I'm not sure what looked like more fun, the shopping or that FOOD! I wanna come! YUM....;)



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