Nostalgic Folk Art was born in 2004. I came up with Nostalgic Folk Art name for my paper mache figures because I love the older things that remind me of my childhood and of innocent times. They are figures of folks both childish and impish and I love vintage folk art so putting nostalgic with folk art was/is a perfect and fitting name for my lil figures and business.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Just finished and added to etsy

Old Doll, inspired by the old Queen Anne dolls and of course Marie Antoinette

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sometimes you "meet" people

and just think they are amazing! by "meet" i mean just conversing online through business and finding someone with wonderful personality and style. I have met customers and fellow artists that if they were closer i know we would be ladies who lunch or even better friends.

Anyway I wanted to share some pictures from one of those great gals, Cammie Quinn, even her name is fabulous!, formally of The Glitter Punks, new name and new shop type items, she is now, The Vintage Honeycomb 

lots of goodies for dollmakers, folk artists, mixed media, ect....... she also has a stand up spot too and i'll try and get some pictures of that soon to share as she really is a great decorator and so inspiring.

  what a great and inexpensive item to collect and make a great statement in your home
 see how Cammie uses this in her own home
 etsy is a great place to find old transferware pieces, red is such a happy color in any home
 a collection of whisk brushes and other smalls in Cammie's home
 sewing scissors, spools of thread all make for lovely and comforting decor
so check out her shop (or mine giggle) for wonderful things to decorate your home

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back from Folk Fest,lots of pictures to share!

I'm going to load them up and just add a note maybe. I did notice alot of Boston Terrier pieces and tried to take pics of them.

The first day as we pulled in we saw customers already. People are serious about the art in this show
you'll see why i think.

 Here's Jeanne, Main Street Gallery and my lil section talking to a potential customer. Jeanne carries so many wonderful artists!

 more Main Street Gallery offerrings

Lots of fun and funky art

 I sat on a bench across from this wall for a while just resting after a long day and this was photographed so many times
 This work is so good you gotta check out his site
 By far my favorite showing
 Marian Baker of Blockhead arts fun and lovely!

 Melissa Menzer birds and animals with jewels from the 20's & 30's
Oh I love her and her art! I have a cow and this year i got a lamb. My other favorite!
Sandy Erickson Wright  Unbelievable paintings!

 amazing jewelery but i didnt get a card  i think its Storm Cloud on the sign there
 and these are some of her wild rings! the talented gal is on the left with the green shirt.

 Theresa Disney at work she'll be doing some Circus work at the Funhouse Gallery  11/8 St. Louis Mo


 Oh man I am really mad that my other pic showed her sign only, Tattered Moon!!! anyway i was so happy to meet the talented Lurena Sheary-Williamson, She makes unusual and wonderful mermaids and whimsies,
I'm certain she sold out today! check out her site you'll see why!

 Me and Sarah Rakes who has work at Main Street Gallery and others.
 these are all whistles!
 Dan checking out the lovely work here

 Andy Saczynski  great bostie
 and more of his work WOW!

 more Melissa Menzer work and the artist herself
 Lovely driftwood art by Amy Lansburg you can find her work in several galleries like
 Another favorite art and person! Cher Shaffer
I cant even begin, she is a doll and her work makes me smile, so full of joy like her!

I'm so so very tired and in need to get to work, should start on new work in a week or so, just need to decompress. check back with me and if you get a chance make sure you visit Atlanta for this show next year.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It was so hard to do

but i deleted some old blogs i had been following due to no updates (one for 4 yrs). also removed the old To Dwell In Primitive Thymes blog from my blogs, that was so hard as i really loved that group and thought so highly of alot of the gals there,still do. still keep in contact with a couple here and there.

things change people move on and life goes on, i still kept a couple of old ones hoping one day they will update, feeling like i'm being a jerk for deleting them from my life right now. sigh

I need some fried chicken.

My First Written Review/Kinda like your first dollar, I treasure this dearly

"Carol Roll is a relative new-comer, creating folk art for four years, now. Her paper mache figures reflect significant talent. At first glance, her angels, people, mermaids, and animals may appear cute and dear. At closer look, they are sophisticated, with detailed, expressive faces, each unique. Roll's work is anything but mass produced. It's the real deal. "

Linda Knopf Southern FolkArt Magazine 2008