Nostalgic Folk Art was born in 2004. I came up with Nostalgic Folk Art name for my paper mache figures because I love the older things that remind me of my childhood and of innocent times. They are figures of folks both childish and impish and I love vintage folk art so putting nostalgic with folk art was/is a perfect and fitting name for my lil figures and business.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday at Disney

We took a really quick day trip to Disney yesterday and man this old gal is feeling it! We rode Splash Mountain, Pirates of The Carribean and The Haunted Mansion. We then at in Liberty Square and had the best lunch i've ever had at Disney! There was a wonderful parade and i gotta give those Disney entertainers a ton of credit as the temps were killer and they just work it with smiles on their faces. here are some pics!
The restaurant was decorated in a colonial style.Our lunches, Dan had the turkey and i had the pot roast, it was comfort food delicious!!!!
I just wanted to run to each place like a kid! and really had to control myself. Disney World really makes me happy and i usually cry a bit when there giggle.
Parade pics
These pics are all out of place i just have to get used to the new way blogging is set up. ugh anyway

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Show was a Wonderful

experience!!! I was so nervous and scared but people came and really liked my work. it started out slow and so here are some pics taken, then BAM!!!! so many people. there was an art walk that evening and around the corner The Mount Dora Center for The Arts was having an opening too. the community really supports art and artists so if your hankering for a new piece of something original, and your near the area, Mt. Dora is a great place to check out. But go to Bowersock Gallery First!

Holly to greet handle purchases and make sure things go smoothly. She's the right hand lady.

Will this wall and shelf be empty soon?

hello out there come in come in and see the show! thats what my piece is saying as she dances thru the air!

Greeting and thanking Mike who runs and owns the gallery with Steve. Steve was in P-Town and we really missed him but i'm sure he was super busy up there!

mandatory pic with work

our dear friend Tee of Hot Metal Mama (metal sculpter)

He could play a mean Classical Gas, which is one of my all time favorite songs!

some gallery shots and people begining to check it all out

the end

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Nostalgic Folk Art for Wicked and Sweet

Something Wicked this Way Comes Tickets

here are some pics of a couple of pieces that will be for sale and on display this friday. They are all at Bowersock Gallery in Mt. Dora Fl. The show will have a circus gals and dancing bears, and a few wicked, well not so much wicked as impish!

Garden Folly

A Respectable Citizen

A lil sweet entertainment

A Gentile Tramp

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nostalgic Folk Art Wicked and Sweet gallery release

Bowersock Gallery has a really nice write up regarding my first solo show with them.
Thank You so much Steve and Mike!!!!!

Reception: April 13th, 6 to 8 pm - at our Mount Dora location.

Carol’s pieces are whimsical, and dare I say sweet, if sometimes on the slightly edgy and impish side. Her little people are about joy, fun, and nostalgia; but so much more. Spend just a little time looking and you’ll find lives in these little people - mischief, silliness, hints of stories and undercurrents.

Roll, is an Ormond Beach, Florida, resident. Her work has appeared in numerous national magazines, including “Folk Magazine,” “Southern Folk Art” and numerous times in “Prims Magazine".
In a world with so many slick straight-off-the-assembly-line figures Rolls are a stand out. The small mache figures evoke nostalgia through gesture, color and finish. Each is individually made, and clearly bear the marks of the hands that formed it.

Roll either sculpts figures from mache, or creates sculpted and found-objects, mixed medium works. Everything is fodder for expression: vintage TV parts, game pieces, jewelry, doll items, baby blocks and bottle caps.

Every one of Carol’s creations is a true character, not just another mannequin dressed in period attire.

The latest lot of work offers a mix of her worlds, including a heavy smattering of people and creatures of the carnival. There’s a wide-eyed girl with a bunny on a stick, a bear atop a ball, and polka dot elephants making merry.

Roll’s exhibit is in conjunction with the Mount Dora’s historical area, Art Stroll. Roll will talk about her little people; maybe share a few of their secrets at the opening reception, April 13, between 6 and 8 p.m.

Not only are the figures delightful, but the artist is charming as well Meeting her is as much a treat as coming across one of her figures.

My First Written Review/Kinda like your first dollar, I treasure this dearly

"Carol Roll is a relative new-comer, creating folk art for four years, now. Her paper mache figures reflect significant talent. At first glance, her angels, people, mermaids, and animals may appear cute and dear. At closer look, they are sophisticated, with detailed, expressive faces, each unique. Roll's work is anything but mass produced. It's the real deal. "

Linda Knopf Southern FolkArt Magazine 2008